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What is Sanctuary?

Spawn from the idea that a bit of easy care nature in doors is a a good thing, we began designing a desktop vessel that represents a slice of nature indoors.

Teardrop– The form of Sanctuary’s design isn’t just for good looks. The ‘tear drop’ shape also gathers condensation and funnels the droplets to form a raindrop at the very tip of its stalactite which will eventually drip onto the foliage. Moss actually assimilates water mainly though its foliage, not roots like most other flora.

Breeze– Sanctuary has a window at the base that allows variable airflow from a sealed system to fully open. This enables adjustment of the environment throughout the seasons.

Substrate– An insert that presents the moss in a domed fashion. As types of moss vary in the amount of moisture they prefer, the substrate allows you to vary amount of water in direct contact with the moss.

Reservoir– space under the substrate provides extra water storage, feeding into sanctuaries water cycle. Sanctuary only needs watering periodically (depending on location).

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