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by Vondom

DESIGNER | Stefelisa

As its name suggests it appears to be found in nature itself, creating synergism between the natural and artificial landscape.  Stone can fit perfectly into any environment, transmitting its own particular elegance, thanks to its material, as well as its original shape.  Made of polyethylene resin by rotational moulding.  100% recyclable.  Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Available in different finishes.

Materials:   Poly 100% recyclable.

Colours:   Ice, White, Black, Bronze, Seel, Anthracite, Red Pistachio, Orange, Khaki, Navy, Taupe, Plum, Ecru, Beige.

Dimensions:   800W x 650D x 400Hmm, 600W x 460D x 700Hmm, 860W x 660D x 1000Hmm, 1040W x 830D x 1200Hmm, 1400W x 1060D x 1400Hmm.

Warranty:  1 year.


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