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by Giopato & Coombes

DESIGNER | Cristina Giopato & Christopher Coombes

The minimal exterior hides an internal architecture manufacturered with clockwork precision for extreme LED coolilng. The SoftSpot LED warm white builb emits 75% light downwards for focused direct lighting and 25% upwards for low indirect lighting. The result is a soft interior atmosphere from a pure form. The SoftSpot lamp is 100% designed and custom-made from the ceiling plate to the LED bulb. The single internal wheel component fuses together heat-sink, socket and cable black functions whilst allowing light to pass through.

Materials Brass, Glass, Corroded Glass

Finishes Brushed Brass, Brushed Bronze, Blackened Brass, Brushed Nickel

Dimensions Pendant, Wall Horizontal, Wall Vertical Short, Wall Vertical Long

Warranty 2 Years


Lead time
> 12 weeks

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