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Our soundproof phone booth is an affordable way to optimize your office space for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. By creating space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings and focused work, our booth ensures you never have to fight over conference rooms or take calls in the hallway again.

Soundproof Engineered by leading acoustic experts so private conversations stay private.

Ventilated Discreet fans and ventilation system keep you cool even when conversations get heated.

Flexible Adaptive design makes the booth easy to assemble and move around.

Sustainable Soundproofing made from recycled plastic bottles keeps the environment in good shape.

Colours:  White Room (White Door, Light Gray Interior, Oak Exterior, Oak Accents) | Black Room (Black Door, Dark Gray Interior, Black Oak Exterior, Oak Accents).

Dimensions:   1054W x 1100D x 2256Hmm.


Lead time
4-8 weeks

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