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by Nodi

DESIGNER | Olivia Moon

The entry to your home. Our all natural entrance mats are the perfect finish to the entrance of your home, subtly textured and soft underfoot.

Inspired by brushed horse hair, this style is the softest in our jute range. Made from hand spun, brushed jute, this rug is a tidy and structured texture. Suitable to lower traffic entranceways – spaces requiring a unique and elegant texture which adds depth and character to the space.

If placed in direct sunlight this rug will fade, we advise keeping out of direct sunlight where possible, and rotating so fading happens evenly. In addition we suggest treating with Microseal to protect the fibres.

* Please note these are for inside the door, or if outside – under cover.

Material:   Jute.

Colours:   Natural, Midnight Grey.

Size:  0.6 x 1m

New Zealand

Lead time
8-12 weeks


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