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by Elements

DESIGNER | Simon Zappia

Simplicity and sophistication are the driving forces for MOTO. A workstation where every component works for you whilst still maintaining a sleek profile. 

Arguably the cleanest looking system in the market, MOTO is designed to fit the needs of evolving spaces and businesses.

This minimal design provides a multitude of benefits aesthetically, environmentally and importantly from an efficiency of workspace churn perspective. Critically, MOTO is quick to build, repurpose and is an optimal solution for changing needs. 

The paired back design ensures no surplus parts. Predominantly made of steel this workstation ensures durability and low embodied energy.

Tops:   Steel, Laminate, Veneer or Compact Laminate

Legs & Screen Frame:   Texture White, Grey and Black and Custom in MOQ.

Configurations:  Single Desk, Double Desk, Triple Desk – MOQ may apply, Outboard Legs, Inboard Legs.

Motivation:  Linak.

Dimensions:  See specification sheet.

Warranty:  10 years.

South Australia

Lead time
4-8 weeks

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