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People talking and laughing… Machines running… Phones ringing… Doors slamming… Sounds familiar?
Background noise is a problem for those who want to work efficiently.

Studies1 show it takes us 23 minutes to regain focus and get back on track after getting distracted. This means one distraction per hour costs us three wasted hours per working day. That’s a lot.  We believe everyone deserves peace in their workplace. That’s why we created an affordable acoustic pod to fit any office. Justbooth is your first step toward silence, focus, and productive work.

The interior of our booth was designed with precision and attention to every detail. The profiled table has an optimal size, suitable for work on a laptop or tablet. It is equipped with special holders for video conferencing accessories. The power outlet guarantees a constant supply of energy.

Justbooth is constructed from simple elements. It takes two people and 30 minutes to assemble the booth and start working in silence.

Exteriors Colours:   White ABB, Cosmos Gray AGC.

Interior Colours:   Sunset TSU, Peony TPO, Lemon TLM, Rock TRK, Teal TAL.

Table:   Natural Oak MDN.

Dimensions:   1000W x 900D x 2230Hmm.


Lead time
> 12 weeks

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