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by Mikomax Smart Office

DESIGNER | Mikomax Smart Office

Hush designed a space of comfort and freedom. We believe that people have control over their growth and the way they achieve their goals and tasks. To fully control any situation, one has to have a sufficient number of options to choose from. Your Hush your way.

The Hush options includes HushPhone, HushWork and HushMeet with the product designed to facilitate individual work, team work or to simply relax.

Hush has efficient ventilation and lighting systems.  HushPhone pods are motion-activated and all other pods are activated by presence sensors as they are larger. Both systems run only when the pod is in use, saving energy.  The glass is laminated with an acoustic seal and anti-collision door marking to prevent users from walking into the door when it’s ajar. Hush can be equipped with a power module, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and RJ45.

Multiple finishes are available with 40 colour options for the upholstery and 2 colour options for the carcass; customize the product to complete the office space’s aesthetic.

Greenwalls are available to suit every Hush product, with the indoor plants cleaning the toxins from their air and encouraging health and wellbeing in the office environment.

Upholstery:    28 Colours Premium Wool, 12 colours Petrus.

Carcass Finish:   ABB White, AGC Cosmos Grey.

Hinges & Door Handles:  Anodised Aluminium, JGC Lacquered Cosmos Grey.

Greenwall Dimensions:  1110W x 220D x 2210Hmm.

Dimensions:   1600W x 1200D x 2300Hmm.


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> 12 weeks

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