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by Resident

DESIGNER | Cheshire Architects

The Fulcrum Lamp is the modern re-expression of an archetype, with a free formed silhouette and a pivotal shade that allows the lamp to take on new form from every angle.  Fulcrum’s shade can be rotated with the gentle sweep of a finger.  Raising the light output from a soft glow to full brightness as the shade pivots through a seamless transition of cantilevered rotations.

Composed of a Japanese paper shade and either a sand-cast silicon bronze or cork base.  Handmade in New Zealand.

Materials:   Bronze, Paper, Cork.

Shade:   White paper.

Cable:   Black.

Base:   Bronze or Light Cork.

Dimensions:   300W x 150D x 535Hmm.

Warranty:   3 years.

New Zealand

Lead time
> 12 weeks

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