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by Mattiazzi

DESIGNER | Konstantin Grcic

CUGINO is an expertly constructed wooden object that is ‘not a stool’ and ‘not a low table’,but could in fact be both – CUGINO will find its use over time. Konstantin Grcic, who has a history in wood work, used the opportunity to experiment with the interplay of solidity and void to find a form that is open for interpretation, not given a function from the outset. It is not about structure, it is not about economy; it is a deliberate departure.  It relies on Mattiazzi’s skill with complex joinery, construction and fine finishing.

“CUGINO is the result of many tries; it happened over time, with wanting it to be an object that we don’t already know, but also something that is maybe a little bit familiar.“ Konstantin Grcic

Materials:  Oak.

Finishes:  Natural Oak, Black Oak.

Dimensions:  332dia x 455Hmm.


Lead time
< 4 weeks