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Chap Tray

AUD $61.00 inc gst

Chap looks familiar at first sight: its kinship with small four-legged stools or side tables is immediately evident. The quality of such designs lies in their generic appearance and universal applications, which is why they are never restricted to a specific function. Chap is particularly adaptable and flexible: in a home setting it serves as a practical footstool, as a side table or as a seating option when there are extra guests. And because it is lightweight and stackable, Chap can be taken along to workshops, meetings and other types of gatherings in the office and stored away again just as quickly.

Its stable leg construction provides a sturdy support for the high-lipped Chap Tray. One or several of these containers can be positioned and stacked below the seat of the stool for storing the user’s phone, cables, papers and other utensils.

Finishes: Dark grey RE, Sea blue RE, Deep black RE, Brick RE

Material: recycled polypropylene, 100% recyclable

Dimensions: 415 x 200 x 65Hmm


Lead time
< 4 weeks