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Simon Legald

Inspired by the well-known tray table, Danish designer, Simon Legald, has combined craftsmanship and industry in the design of Block – a mobile side table on wheels with a light and airy feel. The table is rectangular and is easy to move around using one of its four handles, which are a natural extension of the table’s legs.
Block is a simplified, updated version of the well-known tray table. The hard steel is softened by its rounded shape and counterbalanced by the warmth of the wood, while the matching casters allow for a cohesive feel.
Simon Legald explains: “For me, designing is a game between craftsmanship and industry, and both elements need to come together. Block is a simplification and modernisation of the well-known tray table. It is a side table with wheels and an alternative to the traditional coffee table.”
The Block table is a versatile piece of furniture with a countless number of applications, e.g. as a side table, coffee table, tea trolley, serving trolley, bedside table, bar table, in the kitchen, office or in the child’s room. The feel changes depending on Block’s surroundings and it is easy to add your own personal touch to the table through styling.

Steel, Ash

The wheels are coloured to match the trays.

500mmW x 350mmD x 640mmH