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Our purpose – is to create a natural place of connection between people, their environment and our planet. We believe in mindfully creating environments that are wellness focused.

Positively healthy spaces, not only for the planet but for the people using the space. We as people feel good, really good, when we are in natural environments that we can connect with others in. Nodi celebrates that by designing and weaving natural floor coverings that evoke a natural connection.

Nodi began with a simple knot. It was formed by hand with a natural fibre by the talented Olivia Moon, a creative mind with an eye for imperfect beauty and a quest to develop something meaningful, using natural resources.

The handmade knot began its subtle influence on Olivia when she was studying Textile Design at the International Institute of Design in Milan.

She began making hand knotted cotton necklaces as a side project and here began her fascination in making something by hand with a particular interest in the irregular, unique hand finish. With an obsession with natural fibres and a curious mind – a 6 month trip to India lead Olivia to various rug factories where she learnt all there was to know about the hand crafted rug making process from skilled artisans.

Through playing with hand spun natural fibres, she develops ranges of rugs that are timeless, modern and are thoughtfully designed to create a place where people naturally want to gather.

Below is our curated offer from Nodi. For the full collection, please checkout Nodi’s website here:

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